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"Drawing Your Dreams"

"Cube Cards"

Outside The Box Advertising 

Starts with a simple Box to advertise on.

Let me introduce you to :

The "Cube Cards"

L.A.C Design Cube Card
Custom Cube Cards
L.A.C Design Cube Card

A new way to get not one but five messages to your clients. Whether you choose

to have your personal information on one face and show different products on the

other four faces .  Perhaps your company logo and information on the top face

and four employees on the others. The choice is yours simply let us know what suits

your needs.

Why settle for being a follower when you can step outside the box

and become a leader?

Being different is what gets you noticed, so why hand out the same flat 2D card that

your competitor is handing out when you can be  the one your client remembers

with a 3D Cube Card.

"We live in a 3D world, lets start thinking in 3D."

Cube Cards

Place Your Order Today !

Your custom "Cube Cards" can be ordered

in a number of quantities from as few as

ten to as many as you need.

Package of 10....................$45.00

Package of 15....................$60.00

Package of 20....................$70.00

Package of 25....................$75.00

If you would like to print, cut, and assemble your own cubes

We can do the layout and art work for you and provide you with a

PDF copy of your new Cube Card for a one time fee of:....... $150.00

                          Order quantities over 25 will be price

                     based on the unit price for 25 of $3.00 each.

Order Yours Today :

"You'll Notice How You Get


How to Order Your Custom "Cube Cards"

You'll first need to give us a call or send an email:

[email protected]


or go to our Contact page

Next we'll need to know what you would  like

printed on your "Cube Cards". We can then

work from art available on your current website,

Artwork you provide in digital format, or even paper copies you provide us. Or If need be we can develop new artwork for you*

 * New artwork we develop is at an additional  cost to be agreed upon